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Original, Restored, Refurbished and Converted
 Antique & Vintage Clocks
plus Home Decor


 Adelaide Clocks was established over 18 years ago, and over the years we have collected a great amount of poor conditioned and non-working clocks and home decor.

We absolutely enjoy the satisfaction of being able to bring them back to life in either their original or in a newly presented state, for this is our Passion. 



Unfortunately we're not an actual retail store in which where you can drop in and view.

All Purchases are done Online.

Also for privacy reasons, pickups/viewing is only available to buyers that have purchased and paid for their item(s) prior online.

Upon transaction, all buyers are given the full Pick-up location details and an appointment is scheduled to arrange for someone to be on-site.

We ensure to do our best in providing as many clear images and details possible on all our item description listings and we are always happy to respond to any queries.


We Refurbish by Hand

Antique & Vintage Clocks | eXibit collection

  • All Clocks and Décor items have every single part completely removed and cleaned also depending on its condition it also may undergo a full restoration which involves sand/polish/stain plus hand paint.

  • All Clock mechanisms are removed and undergo a basic clean and lubrication. Some are also given a full service with guarantee by a qualified clock and watchmaker. This will be stated in the items clock description.

  Antique & Vintage Clocks | eXibit collection

We sell all our items as shown in pics!

 We're not actually trained horologists or a licensed credited clock service repair company, but we do get them in functioning order and ensure they are visually appealing again.

 Select link on the top of our homepage for Service / Restore Clock price guides

Restored Antique and Vintage Clocks | eXibit collection


Refurbishing pre-loved items is a process we absolutely love with great enthusiasm and the amazing customer feedback we get back is overwhelming.
It gives us great joy that buyers love their purchases and are happy with what we have provided and this is what drives us to keep doing what we love.


 Adelaide Antique & Vintage Clocks | eXibit collection 



 If you have any questions,
please reach out to us without hesitation,

The Support Team
are always more than happy to assist you.