Clock Restoration #1138

Restored Antique Clock | eXibit collection

The clock mechanism is a "Smiths Cricklewood Works London N.W." with a Bezel Wind.

This clock face was actually from a classic car dashboard!

In order to keep with the antique theme, a battery mechanism was sourced to bring this beautiful casing back to the Mantel


Original Gothic Cathedral Style Wood Carved Casing Mantel Clock with a Smiths mechanism.


Mechanism non-working and wood carved casing in a cosmetically very poor state.


Casing and Mechanism requires full restoration

Item underwent:

  • Quartz Mechanism within the theme
  • Wood casing completely sanded
  • Hand-painted with gold detailing & glossed



New lease on life location:

Clinton, QLD


This late 1920's clock face in this casing was a Smiths Cricklewood Works London N.W. which was from a classic car dashboard. 

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